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Waplog Review 2023

Waplog Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 80 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is free and straightforward.
  • Users can access the site on desktop as well as on mobile devices.
  • Live chat room.
  • Users get notifications about profile views.
  • Instinctive design.
  • Unlimited communication, even with a free membership.
  • Ads are displayed when you are using a free version.
  • Some of the users may be minors or underage.
  • No special features.
  • No specific target audience (some joined the platform to find friends, others are looking for dates).

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What Is Waplog Dating All About?

The objective of this Waplog review is to help you decide if Waplog is good enough for you to use. Waplog is a cross between a dating site and a social media platform, where you can comment, like, and chat with other users. It is an essential date and friend finder. Waplog was initially a social media site like Twitter and Facebook before the administrators rebranded it to a social networking/dating site due to fierce competition. The subsequent sections of our Waplog review give a detailed explanation of how the dating app works.

On this platform, members can create their profiles, communicate with others via like and comments, and post their stories. If you are looking for a social media platform where you can as well get a date, keep reading. You can also post something on your personal wall for other users to see what’s up with you. Users can choose to access the site using the Waplog mobile app or the desktop version.

Waplog Dating

How Legit and Reliable Is Waplog?

Waplog is a social networking/dating site. It is easy to find friends and dates on this platform as you get smart suggestions that help you find an ideal match.

However, similar to other dating/networking sites, some people intend to use this platform for fraudulent activities. These people create fake profiles, making it challenging to find a real match.

What Type of Users Are on This Platform?

Surprisingly, about 65% of Waplog users are men. For an average dating app or a social networking site, women outnumber the men most of the time. The platform has about six million users from the United States of America and boasts 21,000 logins daily.

Waplog was created in 2010, initially as a social networking platform. However, with more influential competitions like Facebook, the social media site repositioned itself as a dating/social media site. Most of the users still use it solely for networking. Therefore, finding a date here in its classical sense might be a little longer and challenging.

Are Users Allowed To Specify Their Sexual Orientation?

Waplog is open for both the male and female gender. Unfortunately, users are not allowed to specify their sexual orientation. So, if you register as a man, you will automatically be assumed to be looking for a woman and will get female match suggestions. The same thing applies to women.

We will update our Waplog review should Waplog administrators decide to start letting users specify their sexual orientation.

What Is the Age Distribution of Users?

Waplog is accessible to men and women, of all ages, who want to meet new people or find a date. You will get a list of suggested matches based on your interests, location, and other info on your profile. The site’s administrators do not thoroughly monitor user profiles. As a result, there’s a lot of underage users on this platform.

Waplog Users

Waplog Registration Process and Login Info

Waplog registration process on this site is free, quick, and straightforward. It takes about 2 minutes. You can sign up with your Facebook details, or you could choose to register manually with your email.

If you are registering with your Facebook details, the application will automatically fetch your basic FB info. While signing up with your email, you will need to fill in your data and verify your email address manually.

When you sign-in, you don’t need to look for matches manually, Waplog mobile app will automatically suggest matches for you based on your location and other information you specified on your profile.

Waplog Registration

Procedure for Setting up a Profile

Creating profiles on Waplog is free and easy, thanks to the site’s user-friendliness. You can see other members’ detailed profiles free of charge. The information on their profile will help you discover the person that suits you and easily communicate with them.

The administrators will review your profile pictures when you upload them. The images will be displayed once they are approved. Kindly note that you will receive a notification when a user views or likes your profile.

Users can edit their profile, change their details, and upload new photos at any stage of using this platform, not just at the sign-up phase. But the problem is that you cannot find out if a user is looking for a relationship or friendship. So you will have to chat them up to find out.

Which Messaging Options Does the Site Offer?

Waplog gives all of its members, regardless of which membership they have, the opportunity to interact with anyone they want. You can explore the whole database to see which member that fancies you. All you need to do is sign up free of charge.

Furthermore, you can send and receive messages from other members free of charge. There’s a section where you can find friend suggestions for you to send messages using the live chat feature. You can also do a filter search to find the person that best suits your requirements. Users can invite other users for a private chat.

Waplog has a built-in chat tool. The moment you get a match or notification of someone who visited your profile, you can immediately use the tool. Click the “chat” button, which will redirect you to a private chat window, where you can send and receive messages with the selected user.

If the member is online at the moment, a small green button will pop up beside their name. Click the ‘chat’ button under their profile. If they approve, you can now chat with them. You will also receive notifications to discover who wants to have a conversation with you.

Like Facebook and Twitter, one can add other members as friends or like their profile.

Waplog Profile

Which Platforms Are Available for Use?

Waplog offers its users two ways of accessing their platform: a mobile version and a web version. The web version allows people to access the app on their desktop.

The Desktop Version and Its Features

Users can access Waplog on their PC or Mac. You can use it on any browser you like, although it still requires you to sign up via Facebook or email. This online version is mostly meant for users who have low storage on their mobile devices or those who are tied up at work or class.

The Waplog online version is straightforward to use. It has been one of the company’s most-requested features for a long time. You do not need to download Bluestack or an Android emulator to run a version of the site on the web.

Waplog Mobile App

The Mobile App and Its features

While you can access the site on any web browser, the administrators built an app to give members a mobile-user experience. The layout is attractive with the colors and icons, but it is not very different from the desktop version.

Compared to today’s standard, the app is not super visually appealing. Users can search for matches based on their location or anywhere around the world.

Waplog mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. It is free to download and easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. However, if you want to get the best out of the app, make sure to familiarize yourself first with the icons before clicking them.

How Modern Is the Design and Functionality of the Website?

The user-interface for Waplog online version and the app is both visually appealing and intuitive. The relevant buttons and tabs are right where the members expect them to be, so it’s hard to miss them.

The Waplog mobile version has the same catchy design as the desktop version, and its usage is elementary. There are no new features on the app version. Similar to the web version, users can search for matches in their location or anywhere around the world.

If you registered via Facebook, Waplog imports your details and connects with it to discover your background and interest. The app checks out your Facebook friend list to discover your mutual friends with other users.

Although Waplog can fetch info from your Facebook, it does not post back to it. It does not appear anywhere on your profile or newsfeed.

How Simple Is The Site Navigation?

Usually, free platforms generate revenue through ads. Navigation on this platform can be very frustrating for non-paying members as an ad pops up every time they click on a button or a tab, interrupting their user experience.

Waplog friend

Cost of Using This Dating Platform

As stated above, you can use all Waplog’s relevant features free of charge, whether or not you are a paid member. Compared to an average dating site, Waplog’s membership fees are moderate. One month subscription cost about $9.49. If you are subscribing for three months, you will pay $23.99 in total ($8 per month). The cost of a one-year subscription drops to $4.75 or $56.99 in total.

Features Available for Free and Paying Members

Non-paying users can create a profile, edit them at any stage of using the platform. They can also upload photos, search, and interact with others using live chat features.

However, paying members enjoy several other features, including an ad-free experience for easy navigation. Premium accounts always appear on top of the search results. They also show up in the matching section most of the time. Any user who doesn’t like the ads or wants to increase their chance of getting a friend or a date should consider becoming a paid member.

Lastly, Waplog paid users can see if their friends have read their messages. This feature can come in handy sometimes.

Waplog Platform

How Many Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Every dating site has a payment system that is suitable for them. Read carefully to discover how to pay for a subscription on Waplog.

How to Use the Available Payment Methods

Members can pay for their subscriptions through a mobile app. They are charged from their iTunes account. Kindly note that Waplog subscriptions renew automatically. If you want to cancel, make sure to disable the auto-renewal. Otherwise, you will be charged a day before your subscription expires.

How Many Payment Methods Are Accepted

Is It Safe to Use This Platform?

This section of our Waplog review explains our Security policy and the steps we have taken to maintain security on the platform.

Waplog cares about your privacy; that’s why we have taken the necessary measures to maintain data security on this platform. Both the moderators of the site and the members have roles to play to ensure the safety of the website. We have installed some software to prevent third-parties from accessing the information on the site.

The platform has a standard privacy policy and works pretty much like most dating and social networking websites. The moderators of this site do not share member’s information with third parties or repost it without their authorization or use it for their benefits.

Waplog has been clear of any form of security scandal, so it’s fair to say the security department of this platform is playing their role very well.

Most profiles here are indeed accurate and authentic. However, just like any other social networking/dating website that does not verify users’ IDs, there’s a chance of running into fake profiles.

Members, on the other hand, need to play their role in maintaining security. Make sure to report any suspicious activity you notice on this platform. You can select users who can view your profile and block messages from people whom you don’t know personally.

If you have explored this site and do not like the user experience, deleting the profile is simple and takes less than 2 minutes. To remove your profile, scroll down to the website until you see ‘Delete Account.’

Signs to Find Out You May Be Talking to a Scammer

While most people visit Waplog to interact with other members, make friends, and find a date, others sign-up to defraud others. These users pretend to be who they are not and start soliciting for money from other members.

Final Words on Waplog Dating Review

Waplog’s free access has attracted spammers and scammers who intend to defraud members by creating fraudulent profiles.

Over the years, scammers have devised several strategies to take advantage of people. Today, more malicious schemes based in far-flung places around the globe are using real humans to defraud people on the platform. According to our Waplog review, here are some tips that will help you spot these scammers.

  • Sexy pictures.
    If you are going through Waplog and notice a beautiful shot or very glamorous profile picture with no other images, this could be a sign of a fake account.
    Do the single images look correctly done, altered, or photoshopped? Scammers always use alluring photos they get online to raise their chances of succeeding. If that alluring picture happens to be of a celebrity, run immediately. You have found yourself a scammer.
  • Empty Profile.
    Another sign of a possible scam is an almost empty profile.
    A Waplog profile allows members to write a few words about themselves, including their company, job title, school, and show other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. If you can’t find any of this info on the user’s profile, you have to ask why? The apparent reason could be that it is a scammer.
  • Immediate and Suggestive Conversation.
    If you are receiving messages from a member that you feel faster than a human being can type. If these messages are sexually charged right from the start, it is possibly a sign of a scam. Fraudsters want to get you hot and swept up faster to create a scenario where you are likely going to share your Waplog details with them. 
  • Excessive questions.
    An interesting conversation is excellent, but if someone you are chatting with is asking an excessive amount of questions, especially about your past, this could be a sign for a possible scammer.
    Questions about your previous relationships could be the fraudster trying to create an alluring persona based on your replies.
    Are they asking specific questions about your past? They are looking to find security answers to hack your financial accounts. For example, most banks use security questions about your first job, car, or pet.
  • Suspicious downloads and links.
    Avoid clicking on links or downloads in users’ profiles or ones that you receive that are not connected to your conversation.
    Suspicious links always appear strangely short or incoherent, but the best thing to do is not to click on any link until you have confirmed you are talking to a real human.
  • Reluctance in meeting people.
    A reluctance to meeting in person for vague reasons should be considered a warning sign that you are talking to a scammer.
    A fraudster will try to avoid meeting you at all costs. To extend online interaction, these scammers may suggest switching to a different messaging app instead. For example, they can ask for your mobile number so they can text you outside Waplog.
    To be frank, repeated hesitation from a member should make you question why they do not want the relationship to move to the next level.
  • Asking for funds or card details.
    Finally, scammers are looking to lay their hands on your money. It may sound obvious when you are asked for money or your account numbers. But these scammers are very creative at telling a realistic explanation for why they need the card info or the funds.
    Watch out for even the slightest hints at financial trouble as a sign for you. Mentioning financial difficulties can one day lead to requests for funds days or weeks later.
    With that in mind, some of these tips may not necessarily mean you are talking with a scammer, but if you notice many warning signs, it may be best to mark them as scam or report to Waplog administrators for review.
  • What to do if you have been compromised.
    If you feel you’re chatting with a possible scammer, don’t continue to engage with them any longer. Instead, close down the engagement right away and contact Waplog directly to notify them there’s an issue. The website’s security personnel will take it from there.
    If you have been defrauded on this site, or any dating or networking site, notify the law enforcement agencies immediately. Make sure to report any identity theft to the Federal officials and file a complaint. These officials will review your report and guide you to the right recovery resources.

What Special Features Does the Platform Offer?

Waplog is not very creative when it comes to the services and tools available. Some of the services on this platform include chatting, liking each other’s photos.

To make the platform awesome and more fun, the administrator has added the Waplog story tool.

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, the new Story feature allows members to take short videos of about 15 seconds and share by posting them to their profiles. These videos will remain on users’ profiles for a day after uploading them. Your friends can view and react to them within 24 hours. You can also add as many videos as possible.

Final Words on Waplog Dating Review

The objective of our Waplog review is to give you all the relevant information about the Waplog dating site. It is an excellent and stable platform that has changed how people meet and interact with new friends. You don’t have to waste time looking for a date or a friend. You receive numerous friend suggestions of members around you the moment you sign in to your account.

In some cases, none of the suggested friends fit your requirements. There’s no need to worry; you can receive extra friend suggestions from around the world. Waplog covers quite a lot of nationalities of more than 20 languages.

However, the site borrowed its functionality from Twitter and Facebook, and the target audience is not well defined. The reason for this is because the site started as a social networking site but rebranded as a networking/dating site because more influential sites were in the market. And although Waplog boasts a lot of users worldwide, it remains on the fence between a dating platform and a media website.

However, we advise users to choose one of the two services and stick to it. If you intend to interact with friends, view their stories, and like their pictures, join Instagram or Facebook. If you want to get a date, visit any other dating site that suits your preferences. However, mixing social networking with dating can be counter-productive.

Did you find our Waplog review helpful? We hope this information helps you make the right choice about the Waplog hookup/social networking platform.

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