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JPeopleMeet unites the hearts of Jewish singles in the US and Canada. Primarily, it’s a matchmaking service on which special attention is paid to Jewish culture and Judaism. Besides, its database also includes people with different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. What they all have in common is that they want to have a hot Jewish date.

Over the years of its existence, this website has proven itself to be very efficient. Almost 85% of users get a date within quite a short period of time. The features JPeopleMeet provide are fun and, yet, helpful. And its prices are very tempting! Can this all be that good? We have discovered if JPeopleMeet has any pitfalls that you should beware of. Read on and see!

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How to Start with JPeopleMeet

How to Start with JPeopleMeet

Signing up JPeopleMeet will take you several minutes and requires answering a few simple questions. After entering your name, indicate your gender and the gender of the one you are searching for. Pick your country of residence and provide your zip code. Specify your age. Every JPeopleMeet user has to be of legal age and provide required papers to prove it.

Submit your current email. And, no. You don’t need to check it immediately because there won’t be any verification link sent to you. This superficial means of protection hasn’t shown itself to be very effective. So, the site won’t bother you with that. Instead, other security tools will be implemented to ensure your safety on JPeopleMeet.

Building a Winning Profile on JPeopleMeet

Although many fields can be let empty on JPeopleMeet, we strongly advise you against doing so. Your age and gender preferences are important enough, but they don’t tell anything about you. Try to personalize your profile and make it as unique as possible. Remember that being found with the help of filters is only half a deal. When your profile pops up in someone’s searching results, and this person visits your page, the first impression is crucial. That is why you use all the opportunities to introduce yourself wisely.

Building a Winning Profile on JPeopleMeet

To start with, submit some basics. These should be:

  • religious and ethnic background,
  • your education,
  • your job,
  • your income level,
  • marital status,
  • if you have children,
  • what type of relationship you want to find on JPeopleMeet,
  • your physical appearance: eyes and hair color, height, body type, etc.
  • your attitude to smoking,
  • the pets you have, if any,
  • how often you attend the synagogue,
  • and if you try hard to keep Kosher.

The last two questions might inspire some doubts as to what answer is the best. On the one hand, faith and the religion of Judaism have great importance to JPeopleMeet and its community. But on the other, if you rarely attend synagogue, or don’t keep Kosher, or not Jewish at all (but want to meet one here), don’t overstate the importance of these questions. Most people, regardless of how religious they are, will understand your position. If your lifestyle doesn’t suit them at all, they will leave for good. However, it is always better to know the truth from the beginning. The same thing concerns your preferred relationship. If someone has their hopes high, but you just want to hook up, the situation will turn out to be heartbreaking eventually. For similar reasons, one shouldn’t lie about everything else in this section.

As said, these fields are not obligatory to fill out, but they are used for searching filters, automatic matchmaking, and just informing the visitors of your page about who you really are. To reveal more of your inner world, use the following fields to write about yourself and a partner you wish to meet in a few sentences. The last field is for everything you would like to add about you, your lifestyle, or anything else. Be creative and leave your potential match no chance to pass by your page.

The profiles with no photo are not visible. So, you should have at least one. But the more, the better, isn’t it? Especially if your photos are thoughtfully chosen to highlight the best traits in you. Not to upload your photos to the site for ages, you can have them imported from your Facebook account.

How Does JPeopleMeet Work?

As it is already clear, JPeopleMeet users find each other by applying multiple filters in their search settings. Alternatively, one can look through profiles and decide for themselves whether they are interested. The latter option takes more time and is less productive. This is just a way to spend a spare hour if you have one. But in fact, you can get lucky, so many members see such an activity as a lottery.

The difference between communication tools accessible to free and paying users is significant. It is often so on sites that use free services to attract premium users. But there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the platform cares about the users’ safety and has reasonable prices. This is what you get on JPeopleMeet exactly. So, you should understand that getting full interaction possibilities means you should spend a couple of bucks.

A non-paying member is welcome to sign up on the site and have a profile, almost as informative as a premium one has. The primary difference in profile quality is that free users can only upload 30 photos. But it is more than enough for a start.

Free members can unlimitedly use search and look through as many profiles a day as they want. They can like others’ photos without restrictions and send flirts. If they have come across someone interesting and want to stay in touch with that person, they can add their profiles in the faves list.

It is peculiar that even though non-paying members can send their interest to other people, they can’t see who flirted with them, liked, or added them to Favorites. These features are only available to premium users. Moreover, only those who have purchased a paid JPeopleMeet subscription can use the most conventional and efficient way of communication on the site — messaging. Free users can’t even read the correspondence they get.

Another great interaction tool for premium users is an instant chart. This gives more opportunities to your communication, making it truly free. It is really interesting what immediate reaction a person will have to your question, suggestions, etc. From this perspective, instant messaging is more beneficial.

If you upgrade to premium, you can message others all day long. But don’t forget that there is another great opportunity to text about your feelings — commenting on others’ photos. Modern people like being appreciated for the way they look in the pictures and JPeopleMeet community is not an exception. Besides, the topic of the photo (e.g., traveling, cuisine, sports, etc.) can become a wonderful ice-breaker. So, spend a couple of minutes a day commenting on others’ pictures and don’t ignore their comments either.

JPeopleMeet Memberships and Prices

It gets rather clear that a non-paying member doesn’t get much on JPeopleMeet, but it is still more than other platforms can ever offer. Why? Because of the events held by the company in a variety of locations. This is an unprecedented way for every user to see others in person, even if the communication has been restricted on the site. Yes, the chances are not too high, but if it is destined, it will work out.

In case you don’t want to wait for any events and are eager to communicate right now, we have got good news for you too. JPeopleMeet membership prices are not high at all. The initial monthly payment is $13.99, and it goes down when you pay for more months in advance. The membership durations offered by JPeopleMeet are one month, three months, and half a year. A six-month membership can be standard for $38.94 (that is 6.49 for every month) or premium for $78.67. In this case, a per-month fee is $13.10, which is still cheaper than paying for a single month. If you want something average, try a three-month subscription. It will cost you $26.97.

How to Get More on JPeopleMeet

How to Get More on JPeopleMeet

The features we have listed below will enrich your dating experience hugely. Most (but not all of them)are only accessible for paying members.

Get on Top of Search: Promote Me

This feature shows your profile on top of the search lists of other users. Remember that it is only available for sixty minutes at a time. So, once it is activated, get ready to receive more messaging within the next hour.

Get the Ice Broken: Message Ideas

The Message Ideas are based on every profile page in the form of questions visitors answer. These questions are selected beforehand.

Talk on the Phone:ConnectMe

ConnectMe allows two people to have a phone conversation without sharing their real numbers. This is very convenient and safe. The request is sent by simply clicking on a corresponding button on a JPeopleMeet profile page. You can do it yourself or accept someone’s request. After that, both of you will receive a phone number to call and connect.

See When It Clicks: Echo

Do you like someone and want to see if they like you back? Activate the Echo feature, and you will receive a notification when your likes match.

Meet in Person: JPeopleMeet Events

This is the most outstanding of all JPeopleMeet features. Unlike most cheap dating platforms, the site doesn’t leave you on your own in your attempts to meet with those you like in real life. And unlike expensive mail-order bride services, JPeopleMeet doesn’t pick separate cases to lend a helping hand. Instead, they launch meetings of all JPeople members in the area and make sure everyone can have fun and get to know as many new people as possible.

Get a Sparkling Profile: Profile Pro

There are people who have difficulties promoting themselves on social media, which is clearly seen on sites like JPeopleMeet too. It may be because of the lack of experience or natural shyness. But if you are not a blogger or entrepreneur, you don’t really need that on Facebook. Most of your friends know who you are anyway. But dating sites are an entirely different kind of media. Here, you need to attract an audience because one of them will turn out to be the reason you are here. For this purpose, JPeopleMeet offers its clients a Profile Pro feature. This is based on professional writer services that will make your profile show you from the most advantageous side.

PeopleMeet Clients’ Feedback

I met Jewish guys every Shabbat at the synagogue. I knew some from my work. And of course, a lot of my parents’ friends have sons of my age and constantly try to set me up with them. But love doesn’t sparkle just because you meet another Jewish person, even if a future partner’s ethnicity and religion are important for you. A lot of other factors matter. And what I love about JPeopleMeet is that here, there are plenty of different people whose interests are the same as mine. So, we can chat and laugh and discuss life, not only talk about religion. I’m sure I’m meeting my love here! Carla, 30.

JPeopleMeet has a reputation of not only one of the most trustworthy Jewish dating platforms but the one with the best prices as well. Here, everybody can meet a Jewish life partner, mingle, or just hang out with new friends.